There are so many lenders operating in the UK that it can be a minefield to find your way around them all and what they have to offer, this has been further complicated by recent regulation which has meant that lenders need to be more provident in their approach to lending criteria. This does not mean that difficult mortgage applications are impossible to place but serves as a reminder that experienced and impartial advice is more important than ever before.

For you, the consumer, this means that there are a bewildering number of mortgage products available from lenders who have differing criteria to apply to applicants such as yourself.

At Searchlight Mortgages we will always fully assess your personal circumstances and, following thorough research, recommend the most suitable mortgage and protection products to you. We will always talk through the recommended mortgage in detail and do all the work for you by submitting the application and chasing through to completion.
As an unbiased mortgage broker we have access to the whole of the UK mortgage market and have the technology to search for your perfect mortgage and related insurance products.